Wendy Houses

Blackheath Trading Wendy house, constructed units have different uses like toolsheds, play houses, staff living areas, workshops, garden cottages etc.

Blackheath Trading offers smart and practical solutions for expanding your living, working, playing and storage space quickly. The units are installed with the minimum disruption and time, usually without the need for council permission. Wendy Houses are very popular in South Africa and that is the best place to see their diverse applications.

Materials Used In Construction:

A Wendy House can be built using several kinds of materials but the most well-known is timber. Probably the reason for this is its advantages over other materials, its affordability and ease of obtainment. Corrugated iron and cement boards are among the infrequently used materials. When any of these two materials is utilized, it marks a divergence from its main function. In other words, typical Wendy Houses are extensively made from wood.

Typical Design

Because a Wendy house is suitable for smaller uses, a front door, a window and a fairly spacious room can be expected. This characterizes that form that can be constructed solitarily, with just a little or not assistance at all. Nonetheless, change has occurred and today you can determine how large your house should be.

The constructor is all the specifications as required. This constitutes many details that include the number and size of windows, interior and exterior color preference, type of roof and the roof finish, and the number of verandas among others. These details are completely customizable.

Below are some Examples: