Composite Decking:

Benefits of PVC Wood Composite' as Alternative Timber Materials:

1. Low Maintenance meaning no painting, no rotting or splintering and no loss of colour

2. Eco-friendly as it's made from a proprietary mixture of 50% natural fibre and 50% PVC polymer.

3. Looks like wood and is great value for money

4. For the enviromentally conscious

5. A sustainable timber alternative, composite wood (commonly referred to as 'plastic wood') is used for home and general decorative building applications. The Futurewood Range brings sustainable timber alternatives for applications both internal and external.

6. Cost Effective

7. At last a product that offers a solution to all the problems of maintaining a stylish timber look in a range of wonderful colours. If you've ever had to sand off old peeling paint from timber products or replace a rotting timber screen then you will know the true value of a virtually maintenance free building products. We know that once you see our range of Blackheath Trading products you will agree with us that it really does look like wood but it offers much more value being pre-coloured, long lasting and virtually maintenance free.

The following colours are currently available:


Our Range of PVC Wood Composite Decking can be machined like normal wood using normal woodworking machinery. Composite Decking is installed with the proprietary EcoClip, which leaves room for movement and the decking is installed in a record fast time. The span width used, is a standard 400 mm, not adding cost to the sub-structure. The product conforms to SABS standards required for this application and ensuring minimum maintenance! Our Range of Composite Decking is supplied with a 10 year warranty against factory faults.

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Here are some examples below: